Friday, January 31, 2014


Perspective changes the way you see yourself because different angles can tell different stories. For example, my first picture is of my shoes and not really of my face. Unless I told you, you might not know it was of me. Taking pictures of my shoes can seal my identity, and add a little mystery to the photo. The way my shoes are positioned can tell a story as well. Instead of both feet being planted on the ground, the shoes are at different levels which can portray uncertainty or insecurity. 

The second picture is a birds eye view of myself, clearly you can tell it's a picture of me and serves a different purpose than the first picture. Different perspectives serve diferent purposes and a slightly different angle can change the message or story the photographer is trying to display. The story of the second picture is the complete opposite of the first. The second picture is of my face and I'm smilling, a reader can assume the subject is happy or confident rather than uncertain and insecure like the first.
Although the subject in each picture is of me, different angles and perspective can change how i'm viewed and perceived by a reader. 


  1. We chose the same perspectives, how cool.

  2. I really like your first sentence, "Perspective changes the way you see yourself because different [photography] angles can tell different stories." The sentence about the different perspectives functioning for different purposes also seems to support your first sentence. But I wanted to hear more about your thinking! Beyond obscured vs. visible identity (one key difference in these photos!) I wanted to know more about the story each of these photos told. It would also be helpful for me as a reader to hear about how certain details in each photo contribute to each story.

  3. I really like your first picture of the converse! I thought we had to have pictures taken of ourselves, specifically with the top half of us showing, therefore it is certainly a different perspective. Also, it is a cool one and way to go for showing your face and smiling in the second one! I chose photos that didn't show my face because I was so insecure during the assignment, so points for confidence in the photo and for choosing it