Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Family Photo

This is a picture of all of my cousins and grandparents on my mom's side on Father's Day. My whole family got together and we had a clam boil and played games with all the little ones that were there. This is probably one of the only pictures that has all my cousins together in the same picture which makes this picture special. Framing was important in this shot because the point was to get all of us together, if the frame was more to the right or to the left some people might have gotten cut out which would defeat the purpose. What you don't see in the frame is the rest of the living room, like the table, chairs, sliding doors, and cabinets. Also, there's about 10 other family members standing behind the camera like my aunts and uncles, my parents, and family friends.  In the frame are my cousins, (Shain, Alicia, Jaylee, Quiana...etc.), my brothers, and my Grandparents. Along with the people in the frame are some other objects like a rug, chair, couch, flowers, a gold goose, a side table, window, mad even a part of the photographers finger in the top right corner of the photo. Without Framing, we would've never been able to get everyone in the shot! 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Still Life

 My Nightstand
To you my nightstand might seem ecclectic
But to me that is my life
With little pieces from my childhood that remind me where I started
To my college ID which reminds me where I want to go
To my favorite books and magazines that I use as my escape
And in the middle like my heart, are my friends and teammates